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Comedy • Mini-Series

What happens when six thirsty social media stars are forced to live together under one roof as they compete for a dream brand deal? Spoiler alert: Nothing good.


Six social media influencers are selected to compete in a series of creative challenges for an exclusive brand deal with the latest millennial juice craze: Jücytox. As cameras capture each influencer IRL, the manicured versions they present to the world online implode before our eyes.

The Influencers is a satirical and topical mockumentary exploring the lengths people will go to in their quest for instafame. True to reality TV form complete with on-camera confessionals and off-camera producer prompts, the show is like the scripted lovechild of Big Brother and The Real Housewives... if it were adopted by Instagram.

The Influencers is now streaming on Prime Video:

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