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Co-founded by Noam Ash and Mike Heslin, Well-Versed Entertainment (WVE) is a full-service production house, overseeing projects from initial concept and development through production and post-production. 


Recent releases include:


Boy•Friends, a new comedy pilot based on the popular and acclaimed web series My Gay Roommate (MGR) in conjunction with Keshet Studios and Ish Entertainment. The pilot enjoyed a 1.3 million viewer opening month, making Boy•Friends one of the most successful digital series launches of the year.


The Influencers, a scripted mockumentary that follows six social media "stars" vying for a dream brand deal. As cameras capture each influencer in real life, the manicured versions they present to the world online implode before our eyes… Now streaming on Prime Video!


WVE’s current slate includes three upcoming feature films, several TV series, and two stage-to screen adaptations.

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