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Comedy • Mini-Series

Nick and Max are roommates at Tuffett University, a classic liberal arts college complete with battalions of student groups, over- achieving freshmen, upperclassmen burnouts and the pervasive self-righteous indignation that characterizes Northeastern academia. Nick Cohen is an out-since-birth Jewish boy with a dash of naiveté and *slight* OCD tendencies, whereas his roommate, Max Finnegan, is a messy, shaggy-headed stoner who may or may not have peaked in high school. 


The world of Boy•Friends flips social paradigms: being gay is not an issue, the jocks of the struggling Intramural Flag Football team are the underdogs while the a cappella singers are the popular kids, the frat boys are the tame and rule-abiding students while the Women’s Rugby Team is the drug dealing muscle, and the ladies are always in charge. The show moves past the cliché gay-best-friend-sidekick and homophobic-straight-man relationship we see so often to present a modern world where a gay guy and straight guy can just be friends. Best friends. 

Boy•Friends is based on the popular and acclaimed scripted web series My Gay Roommate. Hailed by Vanity Fair, The New York Times, Huffington Post and more, Boy•Friends and MGR boast over 9 million views to date and a loyal fanbase of over 73K subscribers.

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